Support an Underprivileged child

Bridging the gap between those who can and who cannot afford music education because we firmly believe that art and culture, music included, everyone deserves. Every contribution makes it easier for an individual to explore their talent in music education and learn the nuances of vocal and instrumental music with Ajivasan Music Academy.

Support a Special child

The benefits of music as therapy have been studied and discovered to be many. Learning music for the differently abled allows them to find focus and concentration while also raising their spirits. Our specially curated and integrated music classes for Special students aim at making music education come as learning and healing both from Ajivasan Music Academy.

Support a Musician

While providing music education, we allow our students to dream and most trained musicians hope to come out with their own albums, organise their own shows and performances and give people the opportunity to hear and embrace them. With this objective we work towards not just teaching our students but help them in building a career.

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